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Hiya, Blindspotarinos…. Okay, that sounded awful. I’ll never do that again. Welcome back. This week’s Blindspot has proven to give us a whole lot of fun and a glimpse at what Roman’s endgame is, and explains the connection between Patterson and Rich Dotcom.

Upside Down Craft begins with a rich people oriented case. The team is tasked with taking down Wall Street powerhouse, Kevin Loewe, who has been accused of fraud, manslaughter, and my personal favorite, conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism.

It’s important this arrest is made “by the book” with rock solid evidence, because arresting powerful white people is a big ol’ no no in the US. And at first, it seems pretty cut and dry. The team was working off of one of Jane’s tattoos, which led to an anonymous tip, which led them to looking into a fatal train derailment. The upshot is Loewe was short-selling the stock of rail company, and as was proven through email exchanges, he paid an engineer to derail the train, causing the company’s stock to plummet and Loewe making oodles of money.

However, Loewe’s lawyer arrives to say Loewe has been the victim of cyber attacks for months. They believe a group called the Three Blind Mice are responsible. They have supposedly planted the emails incriminating Loewe. She demands the FBI find them, because she believes they are the real culprits behind all of this.

And this is where things get really interesting. Remember how Patterson wanted to pretend she and Rich hadn’t spoken in forever? Now we know, they were two of the Three Blind Mice. They were essentially the Robin Hood of hackers. They helped take down corrupt people and get money back to the victims. Unfortunately, as a lot of these kind of scheme do, things started to turn bad. That’s when Patterson and Rich left.

Now, the third Mouse doesn’t know who Rich and Patterson are, but with the FBI actively looking for the group, this can only go one way. Rich and Patterson have to help with the investigation. There’s conflict between the two. Patterson wants to come clean, but Rich says no.

A photo of a person, wearing a mouse mask, hanging around Loewe’s home, is delivered to the FBI. Patterson uses her mighty and sometimes scary abilities to create a biometric profile of the suspect. She analyzes the bone structure and gait of the suspect and cross-checked the results against various security cameras in the area. She gets a hit – Kathy Gustafson.

Kathy is brought in, and Patterson and Rich handle the interrogation. Kathy admits she’s the third Mouse, but doesn’t believe she did anything wrong. The emails were ones Loewe had exchanged with the engineer. He had deleted them, and she restored them. No big. And she knows Loewe is going to do something similar again.

During the interrogation, Patterson has a light bulb moment. For reasons we still don’t know about, Patterson installed a special bit of code in her wildly popular Wizardville app. Through the app, she can gain access to anyone’s phone. She swears she hasn’t used it until now, but it’s still pretty messed up.

Working off of Kathy’s information, Patterson checks the lawyer’s phone and sees mentions of an electric car company, Vorta, and the type of battery they use. She and Rich deduce Loewe is going to hire some men to plant a bomb at an event where Vorta will be unveiling their new cars.

But how to get this intel to the FBI? It’s not like Patterson can admit she has illegal access to about 75 million phones. Rich comes to the rescue, and creates a modified anonymous tip. This sends the team into action. Weller and Jane are the ones to ultimately stop the bad guys and prevent the bomb from going off. So the FBI stopped an attack, but they still can’t get to Loewe. There’s no paper trail connecting him to the bombers. Director Hirst still claims a win for them. They saved many lives.

Rich and Patterson allow themselves to relax, thinking the search for the Three Blind Mice is over. Later, they get texts from each other to meet. When they do, they find out the texts were sent by Kathy, who promptly knocks them out and kidnaps them.

After Patterson and Rich come to, Kathy goes on about how connected she feels to them and how she wants to get the band back together to take out Loewe. She also wants to get revenge on the man who got her brother killed. Patterson refuses, but Rich appears to agree. He dupes Kathy and manages to alert the team, who come to their rescue.

Because of this, Reade figures out Patterson and Rich are the other two Blind Mice. He poses a hypothesis about why Kathy kidnapped the two of them. It’s correct, but he can’t confirm it, because to do so would mean he has to arrest them. This is good. It shows how much Reade cares about the team. It also helps them realize Jane’s tattoos are about exposing the team’s secrets. He wants them to turn on each other and make Jane experience all kinds of pain.

But what about Stuart’s murder? We haven’t forgotten that. And neither has Patterson. She looks into the tattoo Stuart was working on. It has something to do with Van Gogh’s “Self-Portrait.” Stuart had a Kinga in his home. The Kinga is similar to the Alexa or Echo. Patterson believes Stuart’s Kinga might have recorded his murder. The recording Patterson is able to obtain has been manipulated. Why? We don’t know. All we know is the person who did it is the manager they had previously spoken to at Kinga, and she was ordered to do it by a mysterious one-eared man. And that’s all we get until next week.

Other points of interest

~ Jane and Weller are grossly in love. Them being all flirty over the comms is a highlight of the episode. They’re picking up their romance. The wedding ring is even back on Jane’s finger. It’s both adorable and makes me worry about what’s going to happen when more secrets are revealed.

~ Zapata and Reade both really like Reade’s girlfriend. I don’t think Reade was prepared for the Zapata seal of approval.

~ Reade is finally showing why he’s in a leadership position. He earned it, and he wears it well.

~ Zapata and Reade are obsessed with Wizardville. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when they find out about Patterson’s phone access.

~ Is anyone else thinking about DS9 when they hear about the Vorta? Or is that just me?

~ Jane does a really cool trick with a gun and oil to help save Weller while avoiding setting off a gas explosion. She tells Weller she got a bunch new tricks he hasn’t seen yet.

~ We have confirmation Patterson is her last name and not her first. She never uses her first name. That was the first big tip off to the team that something was wrong. Also, she sent an email to a text. Patterson would never do that.

Upside Down Craft feels less bloated than last week’s episode. It’s what we want. However, it gets a little tricky with the introduction of the Three Blind Mice. I was so excited to see Heather Burns. I love Miss Congeniality and will forever associate her with April 25th (the perfect date), but at the same time, Kathy Gustafson is a little too over the top. It took me out of the kidnapping tension. I didn’t completely buy it. Blindspot is really good at throwing us curveballs, while being extremely predictable. And that’s sort of what I feel happened here.

That said, I love seeing the chemistry between Patterson and Rich. They play off of each other so well. I’m curious to see more of their interactions, because I think they can be good for each other. Not romantically, but as a positive influence. Rich can help lighten Patterson up and maybe heal a little bit from all the horrible stuff that’s happened to her, and Patterson can help Rich be a tiny bit less self-serving and maybe help him put his considerable skills to good use. I guess we’ll have to see how it goes.

What did you think? And what do you think Patterson’s first name is? Something plain? Old fashioned?  Off the wall? Or just a regular name she doesn’t like? Give me your best guesses!

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