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Holy explosions, did Blindspot throw us some curveballs this week? Gunplay Ricochet’s tattoo case is about a long-thought dead domestic terrorist returning from the dead, but it’s the revelations at the end that really make the story. Let’s dive in.

The domestic terrorist is Marcus Dunn. He was responsible for a series of bombings in the 90’s, and was thought to have blown himself up. Not true. The tattoo Patterson figures out, points them to a van in a parking lot. Inside is a letter. Patterson is able to figure out who the letter is for, Marcus’ daughter, Claire.

They bring Claire in, and she give them a location Marcus told her to go to if she were ever in trouble. They go, and Jane is attacked by a guy who addresses her as Remy.

The man’s name is Rossi. He’s the guy you go to if you need to disappear. Dunn went to him all those years ago and paid extra to keep an eye on Claire. But while he’s willing to talk to Remy, he’s not willing to talk about his clients. It’s up to Zapata and Patterson to find his ledger. It’s hidden in seat of a classic car. Patterson has to cut it open. It hurt to watch, but they get the ledger.

The ledger is in code, but Patterson is able to break it. Dunn is located in Ithica, New York. They go up there to find local police already there. They had discovered a bomb and took care of it. Everyone goes into the house and finds it empty except for the bomb. Thinking the bomb disabled, one of the police starts to lift it, but Weller sees it’s a dummy bomb. They race out of the house before it explodes. Everyone makes it out, but Jane is a little banged up.

Retracing all steps and combing through the evidence, Patterson is able to determine where Dunn plans of bombing next. They race over, and while Zapata and Reade take down Dunn, Jane and Weller disarm Dunn’s bomb. Victory!

Later that night, someone slips an envelope under Weller’s door. It’s for Jane from Rossi, who escaped State Department custody earlier. He had done an adoption for Jane. She thought that meant Shepard’s adoption of her, but it wasn’t. It was for Jane’s daughter!

Operation Cuttlefish

Sadly, there’s not a lot of movement on Operation Cuttlefish aka Stuart’s murder. Zapata and Patterson are officially teamed up, trying to figure out what happened. Patterson’s been able to determine Stuart’s cell phone data has been tampered with. She also says anonymous tips to the FBI have been changed. The thought is someone within a high-ranking organization, such as the DOJ, FBI, or State Department is helping cover up Stuart’s murder. Assistant Secretary West’s name is tossed around as a possible suspect.

This leads to an interesting quandary for Zapata. After Dunn has been stopped and she and Patterson call it a night on #Justice4Stuart, she texts Reade and asks if he wants to get drinks. He says he’s already home. However, Zapata turns a corner and sees Reade exiting a restaurant with Assistant Secretary West. What has Reade gotten himself mixed up in?

Other spots you might have missed

~ Weller and Jane’s wedding video is found and viewed. In it, the team offers their congratulations and thoughts about them. Patterson gets very drunk.  Reade and Zapata wonder how two of the most alpha, competitive, aggressive people are going to make the marriage work. Patterson photobombs the moment. Weller gets sweetly sentimental, and says he wouldn’t be the man he is today without her. Jane tries to be sweet and emotional, but Weller interrupts, so we don’t get to hear all she wanted to say. Patterson compares them to DnD characters. She says, “You guys are amazing warriors on your own, but together you can defeat anything.” How sweet is that?

Too bad it’s ruined by Roman somehow interrupting the video with the promise of causing them so much more pain. How he did it we don’t know, but you gotta love a guy who’s so committed to making an impression, he hacks a wedding video.

~ Reade has a bet with Director Hirst. She lost. The penalty is she either needs to shave her head or wear a Michigan Wolverines Jersey. After needing some time to decide, she dons the jersey. It’s pretty great.

~ Roman spends episode at a charity auction put together by Blake Chapman. While posing as Tom Jakeman, Roman breaks into the room containing all the items for auction, plants a tracker on a wish bracelet, wins the bracelet when it’s auctioned, and charms Blake so thoroughly, she’s practically swooning, and is willing to accept the bracelet. Why Roman wants to track Blake is a question to be answered another time.

Gunplay Ricochet certainly gave us plenty of twists and turns. I love how we keep being shown the ways the team is different, but also still the same. Jane and Weller flirting on comms is different, but them thinking it’s hot when they survive life threatening situations? Same ol’, same ol’. Reade is in charge, so he’ll still partner with her, but now she spends more time with Patterson. I miss their dynamic, and their wedding video moment perfectly highlights it, but I love Zapata and Patterson together. They make a fantastic team.

I never thought I’d say this, but Weller and Jane are actually the most stabilizing people of the group. They’re just happily married and working together. Having the threat of Roman over their heads is stressful, but they’re committed to making everything work. However, the fact that Weller is keeping a secret from Jane is going to test their relationship (yet again).

I haven’t really talked about Director Hirst. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how much of her we were going to see, but she’s been around, so we need to talk about her. She is a fantastic addition to the FBI. Mary Stuart Masterson manages to find the balance between approachable and authoritative. You wouldn’t want to piss her off, but you can see how much she supports the team, especially Reade, who she vouched for. Given how Reade might be doing something sketchy with West, I wonder if Hirst’s recommendation is a set-up for Reade, but only time will tell if she’s genuine or not. I look forward to whenever the Blindspot writers decide to look into her past and dig up her secrets.

And finally, JANE’S GOT A DAUGHTER? Did not see that one coming. I kinda love the idea of it. It’s always a surprise for the men, never the women (for obvious reasons). Since Jane doesn’t have a full recollection of her old life, the writers can get away with this twist. It’s great!

However, I don’t know how I feel about this. I don’t like the idea of Roman having another innocent he can possibly toy with. It also dampens some of the bond between them. Unless there’s going to be an even crazier twist of Roman being the father (please no), having a daughter separates Jane from him even before everything went down between them. It was always the two of them against the world. Now, there’s child? I don’t know. This is going to be a very tricky storyline to navigate.

I think Gunplay Ricochet did a good job of setting us up for the next few episodes. There’s no new episode next week. When Blindspot returns, there’s going to be a lot of craziness as Jane and Weller try to learn more about her daughter.


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