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MORIARTY: The Jade Serpant

DangerKatt is happy to announce that the latest chapter in the chronicles of Professor Moriarty is now live on ComiXology.

Original series writer Daniel Corey has partnered with Eisner-winning artist Janet Lee to produce MORIARTY: THE JADE SERPENT, a new adventure in DangerKatt’s MORIARTY line that focuses on Jade, the fearless ninja warrior who fought alongside the Professor in MORIARTY Vol. I: THE DARK CHAMBER.

MORIARTY first released in 2011 as a limited series, published by Image Comics, written by Corey, with art by Anthony Diecidue and letters by Dave Lanphear. Two Volumes of MORIARTY were released, titled THE DARK CHAMBER and THE LAZARUS TREE.  2013 saw the publication of the MORIARTY Deluxe Edition Hardcover, and digital release MORIARTY: ENDGAME hit ComiXology in 2015.

DangerKatt would go on to partner with Transmedia Entertainment to adapt MORIARTY: ENDGAME into a first-of-its-kind immersive Virtual Reality comic book, a project that would rank Corey #2 on Onalytica’s list of Top 100 Virtual Reality Influencers.

The official synopsis is below:

In the fallout of her adventures with Professor Moriarty, The Jade Serpent returns home to Tokyo, in hopes of reclaiming her life.  But when a high-ranking government official is murdered, Jade is forced to seek Moriarty’s help in solving the case, only to discover that there are some secrets that even the Jade Serpent cannot hide.

When asked about how what it was like pair up with Janet on this collaborative project, writer Daniel Corey responded:

“I am so happy to be working with Janet on this. She has such a distinct style, an amazing attention to detail, and I think that she is giving the audience something original and unique in the way she interprets these characters.  The Professor himself would be pleased, I’m sure.”

MORIARTY: THE JADE SERPENT is a DangerKatt digital publication, and is a direct continuation of the Image Comics series.  It is written by Daniel Corey, with art by Janet Lee, letters by Dave Lanphear, and features character designs by original series artist Anthony Diecidue.

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