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Welcome back Blindspot! In the short time, you’ve been away, we’ve been left to speculate who killed Stuart, what’s Roman’s ultimate plan, and most importantly, JANE HAS A BABY?

Lucky for us, Blindspot dives right into providing us with a few answers. This Profound Legacy opens with a young man frantically cutting his hair, and his mother destroying a phone. She’s also heavily bleeding from a gunshot to her abdomen. We’re left to wonder what’s going on with them as we head back to the FBI.

Patterson confirms the birth certificate is real. Jane gave birth to a baby girl. Jane doesn’t know how to process this. She has Patterson continue to dig, while she tries to figure out her complicated feelings on the subject.

To help take her mind from things, namely her having a daughter she doesn’t remember, Jane dives into the latest tattoo case. The tattoo is on her spine and correlates with the tracking info of a NYPD evidence box from the 90’s. As Jane and Weller go to retrieve the box, they are attacked by two men, who attempt to destroy the evidence by burning the building down.

The evidence they managed to save turns out to be untested rape kits. This is a huge real-life issue, and I’m grateful to Blindspot for highlighting it. Anyway, the team figures out someone very powerful is trying to destroy the rape kits. Their anger at the whole situation spurs the team on to track this person down.

Here’s where things get dicey. It turns out in 1997, the reigning King of Kazarus, King Ivan, raped a woman named Yasmin. This resulted in her having a child named Vanya. King Ivan’s brother, Cyrus, wants Vanya dead, because King Ivan has died and Cyrus wants to eliminate the threat to his throne.

If you’ve guessed by now that Vanya and Yasmine are the two people from the beginning, you’re right! Cyrus has mercenaries out looking for them, so they’ve gone into hiding. Vanya, making a silly rookie move, sends a message to his girlfriend. This allows the FBI to track Vanya and his mom to their hotel.

It takes a little bit of convincing, but Jane and Weller are able to convince Yasmine and Vanya to come with them. They swear they’re going to get treatment for Yasmine and everyone will be safe. But naturally, that’s not what happens. Mercenaries storm the hospital. How they knew Yasmine was there, we don’t know, but it was leaked somehow. Luckily, the team does what they do best and saves Yasmine and Vanya.

But now things get even more interesting. King Cyrus is found dead, hanging, which basically means the monarchy is destabilizing. Vanya is encouraged to step up and claim the throne. Yasmine doesn’t want him to, but ultimately, Vanya agrees to. He believes he can do some good.

Stuart’s Murder

As for Stuart, Patterson and Zapata are still digging. Stuart’s phone washed up on the shore and is brought to the FBI by the Coast Guard. Patterson hopes to get some information off it. However, Reade downplays its importance. Patterson and Zapata know something must be up.

Patterson decides to pretend they found evidence and to log it in to see if anyone tries to access it. Imagine their surprise when they see Reade’s log-in and the evidence disappearing as “system corruption.”  What does this mean and could it be connected to Jonathan West losing Ott two weeks ago?

Zapata tries to directly confront about his meeting with West, but she’s brushed off. A little more digging leads Zapata and Patterson to discover Director Hirst used Reade’s log-in to eliminate the evidence. Now, we’re finally seeing how Hirst isn’t as good as she has appeared. She’s definitely dirty somehow. And how is Reade mixed up in all of this? What did he and Hirst do? What does Hirst have over him, because she definitely appears to be the one in charge. The rabbit hole goes deeper.

Baby Jane Doe

And what about Jane’s daughter? A painful conversation with Roman confirms the validity of the birth certificate. Shepard apparently forced Jane to give the baby up. She wasn’t ready to be a grandmother. Jane ran away to the military to forget what happened. Jane seems to like forgetting things. I wonder if that’s part of why she was originally ok with wiping her memory clean for Shepard.

Jane doesn’t know what to do with all this information. However, the events with Yasmine and Vanya get her thinking. She sees how Vanya’s life is completely turned upside down due to knowing who his father is. She worries she might to the same to her daughter. Jane decides it’s probably for the best to not go in search of her.

Weller is extremely supportive of her decision, but Weller is hiding a secret. Remember how Roman threatened to tell Jane what happened in Berlin? What happened is Weller met a young woman named Avery, who was also looking for Jane. When asked why, Avery replies, “She’s my mom.”

Weller has known this ENTIRE time the birth certificate is real, and he hasn’t told Jane! Who does that? Why is he doing this? What’s this going to do to their marriage? Can it survive Jane knowing the truth? We know Roman is going to spill the beans about that if Weller doesn’t first. This is going to be very rough for everyone.

I’m not sure how I feel about this episode. The idea of Jane being so maternal is a little jarring with the image of who Jane is. However, she has had her memory erased, so we don’t really know what Remy was like, and Jane has shown some maternal-like emotions towards Roman, so maybe it’s legit. In the sense of creating as lot of confusion for the team and for the viewers, This Profound Legacy nails it.

I am continuing to love Patterson and Zapata together. I adore how loyal Zapata is to the team. Patterson confesses to the spy bug in her game and Zapata doesn’t hold it against her. She also defends Reade against being the mole, though there Patterson points out they never thought Borden could be a mole, either. The two of them together is my highlight of the episode.

As for Reade, I’m now wondering is part of why Hirst gave him the job was so she could eventually set him up. Use his history against him to protect herself. Just a thought.

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