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This week’s Blindspot finally starts picking up its pace. We get insight into what Roman is up to. We learn a little bit more about how Jane is coping with finding out she has a daughter, and how Weller is handling hiding the truth from her. And most importantly, we find out just how deep Reade is in league with Hirst. Adoring Suspect has a little bit for everyone, so let’s dive in.

Adoring Suspect opens with what looks to be a tense op with the FBI, but we quickly learn that’s not the case. It’s a movie set and Weller is on hand as a special FBI consultant. To find out why he’s there, we rewind about 8 hours.

It begins with Weller getting a phone call from Roman. They exchange not so pleasantries, and Roman reminds Weller of their deal, and gives Weller information about a tattoo. Weller brings it to Patterson as a “hunch.” It’s an article about actor Keith Rhodes, played by the “Oh my god, I can’t believe he’s all grown up” Malcolm David Kelley, where he blasts the production company primarily responsible for funding his movies, Sacred Lynx Productions. He’s annoyed the special effects in his movies have been so poor despite having a considerable budget. The symbol for Sacred Lynx is similar to one of Jane’s, which is how this is all connected.

Patterson works her magic and the tattoo leads them to a backup account for a paparazzi service. They go through the pictures and find a photo of Keith Rhodes with Nico Popov, head of the Russian syndicate, The Brigata.

The Brigata is known for creating massive terrorist attacks as a way to gain influence, but they’re careful They don’t really leave the country, so if you see them, that means an attack is imminent and lots of people are going to die.

The team needs to find Nico and figure Keith is the only real lead they have. They put Weller on set to as the FBI consultant, so he can get to Keith. However, Keith is nearly killed by a prop defibrillator, which was swapped out for the real deal. Weller saves Keith’s life, and decides to both keep him safe and to see what he knows about Nico, it would be best to bring Keith to the FBI office.

Keith is excited to visit the office, but not nearly as excited as Rich Dotcom is to meet Keith. Rich is a big fan. Weller and Jane show Keith an interrogation room and then tell him the truth. At first, Keith doesn’t believe them, but once he understands the gravity of the situation, he tells them everything he knows.

Keith believes his manger/producer, Bucky is the one who made first contact with Nico. All they knew about Nico was he was someone with a lot of money. He started funding Keith’s movies as well as made demands about how the sets were made and some of the locations they had to film at.

Patterson cross-references the locations and discovers their common denominator is each city has a major weapons plant within them. Looking at the last odd location Keith gave them, Patterson determines there was theft of cyclosarin, a chemical weapon with no antidote. One drop could kill everyone in the building. Imagine what could happen with a larger dose.

The next step is to try and find out where Nico is hiding the cyclosarin. Their best bet is Bucky. According to Keith, Bucky records all his conversations and keeps them in a safe in his office. In one of the most hilarious scenes ever on Blindspot, Rich Dotcom and Jane go in to pitch a movie idea to Bucky, hoping to get him to say keywords that will open his safe. Patterson and Weller hide in the office. The craziest thing about this scene is somehow it works. This is a scene no one but Rich Dotcom could pull off, because it’s so chaotic and insane, and Rich sells it. Jane needs some credit, because she got the final keyword by claiming it was her mantra. The word is Butterscotch. And now it’s yours.

Anyway, Weller and Patterson get the recordings, and go through them. They figure out Nico has been using the film lot as his way to smuggling in everything. Now they just need to find out where. Keith offers to help, because he knows the lot better than everyone.

Nico set up a fake movie and is using that set as his staging ground. They arrive, but it’s too late. The weapons have been moved. Patterson figures out the cyclosarin is hidden in hot dog carts slated to be used at a street festival.

Weller, Jane, Rich, and Keith track down the carts, and there’s a shoot out. Keith gets hit, because he didn’t listen to Weller and stay back, so Rich is tasked with keeping him alive, while Weller and Jane stop Nico. Of course, they do, and Rich gets to use a flamethrower to stop the other Brigata goons and cyclosarin. Once again, it’s an “only Rich Dotcom” moment. I’m also a little unnerved by how good Rich looks wielding a flamethrower. It’s like he’s made for it.

So, crisis is averted, Keith is taken to the hospital and gets his arm patched up, and everyone moves on.

But have they really? Let’s take a look at what else went on in Adoring Suspect.

Roman’s Romantic Reconnaissance

Roman is in Barcelona, where he runs into Blake, the cute auctioneer. She’s surprised to see him, and they spend some time together, getting to know each other and flirt. It turns out Blake’s father is THE wine guy. Not sure what that means just yet, but we learn he’s a difficult and powerful man, who Blake loves very much. Someone tries to steal Blake’s purse, and Roman gets the purse back, but not before sustaining a head injury. Blake takes care of him, and they share a kiss. Later, we learn the purse snatch was faked by someone Roman was paying. The guy tries to renegotiate his fee, because of how dangerous Blake’s father is, so Roman kills him instead.

Jane’s Daughter

Jane tells Patterson to call off the search for her daughter. Patterson tries to persuade her to keep looking, but Jane doesn’t want to hear. Before this, Patterson had already put out some feelers and she got a lead. She goes to Weller to ask him what to do. Weller tells Patterson to give him the information, and he’ll decide what to do.

The information is for the nurse who may have overseen the adoption. She needs to be tracked down, but she might know something. Weller is conflicted, but it appears he’s going to tell Jane. However, before he can, Jane tells him something Rich said to her. Rich told her she deserved a happy ending. Jane tells Weller he’s her happy ending. Weller doesn’t tell Jane about the nurse. This will come back to haunt eventually.

Patterson, Zapata, Reade, and Hirst

Patterson and Zapata are still on the case. They know something’s up with Hirst, and they’re concerned she may have corrupted the tattoo database. Patterson and Zapata want to rescan all of Jane’s tattoo into their own secret database. Jane’s reluctant but willing, providing they can get the metal key that activate the tattoos. That’s going to be tricky, but Zapata knows what to do.

Zapata gets a flask with a secret compartment to hide the key. Unfortunately, Reade discovers it and confiscates the flask. He tells them to drop it, but Zapata and Patterson insist there’s something is up with Hirst. Reade doesn’t want to hear, but eventually, his better instincts take over.

Reade tries to feel Hirst out. He mentions Loewe and her connection to his first wife. Hirst brushes it off, claiming it was years ago, but later, Reade catches her in a lie about that. Hirst had attended an event thrown by Loewe. It seems highly unlikely she wouldn’t have spoken to him.

Hirst doesn’t appreciate where Reade’s going and talks how important trust is. She also implies she’s the reason Reade was able to make such a remarkable comeback from his drug abuse. She knows everything and is responsible for making some evidence against Reade disappear. Her veiled threat is noted. And that’s all Reade needs.

Reade heads over to Weller’s. Weller opens the door a smidgen. Reade tells him Hirst is dirty. Weller congratulates him on finally catching up , opens the door, and reveals the rest of the team and their new base of operations. It’s time for them to get to work.

This season of Blindspot has been very inconsistent. There’s been a lot of good and a lot of meh. But Adoring Suspect is the first episode in a while that has left me really excited to know what happens next.

Obviously, the show needed to have an A-Plot, which is where Nico came in, but this episode is really more about fleshing out everyone else’s story. We get to see everyone struggling, and pushing and pulling against each other, only for everyone to finally get on the same page. The team is stronger when they work together.

We get real movement on Roman’s story. He’s up to something that may or may not be related to Jane. We don’t know, but it’s interesting to see him on his own. Part of me hopes he develops real feelings for Blake, but another part hopes he just stays all sociopathic and betrays her. Whatever happens, I just don’t want it to be typical.

As for Jane and her daughter, that also is getting interesting. What is Weller going to do? Will Avery find them in New York or will she be found somewhere else? I’m curious as to what the nurse might say, but I’m more intrigued by how Weller handles everything and what Jane will do once she learns the truth.

So, yeah, I think we’re finally really getting into Season 3. We should have been at this point a little earlier, but now we’re in a good place, and I can’t wait for the show to build on this momentum. At least I hope they do.

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