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Marvel Studios’ BLACK PANTHER

DCEU Internet Trolls decide to target Marvel’s Black Panther

In light of Black Panther‘s glowing reviews from fans and critics alike, many fans of the DCEU have decided to ruin the film for potential attendees. According to this post by Comic Book Movie, many DC fans found a way to express their frustration. They intend to give Black Panther negative reviews to convince fans of Marvel films to avoid the film. The site, which will not be linked, contains the following information.

“Given the massive success of the audience review rigging on the Rotten Tomatoes site for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and due to the sudden rise in those disgruntled with Disney business practices among other factors especially due to the corporate manipulations which created falsified bad press for the DCEU, I feel that it’s time to strike back at all those under Disney and bring down the house of mouse’s actions for paying off the critics that hurt DC Comics on film and for other parties affected by them.”

They also intend to spoil the film for fans to entice them to not bother watching the film. This collection of 7 am Saturday morning villains fail to understand that paying to see a film just to spoil it will still count toward the success of the film. Also, in many theaters, the film is sold out already. This is similar to an earlier act by another online troll who claimed that black women were outraged over one of the film’s stars, Michael B. Jordan who plays Killmonger, dating a white woman.

Despite all of this, there still seems to be a notable amount of online hype for the latest MCU film. Black Panther will arrive in theaters February 16, 2018.

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