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Toy Fair 2018: DC Collectibles Debuts New Statues, Figures, and Bombshells

DC Collectibles is in top form at this year’s New York Toy Fair.  Though their display of incoming action figures and prop replicas is impressive, the emphasis seems to be on statues.  By crafting PVC (vinyl) statues in a number of scales, DC Collectibles offers a variety of characters at price points that range from the relatively inexpensive ($30-$40) into the hundreds for larger pieces.  However, regardless of size, DC Collectibles does not sacrifice detail.  Exact paint applications, action-packed poses, and clever character bases make all of DC Collectibles’ statues tempting purchases.

The above Batgirl statue, for instance, stands on her trusty smartphone.  DC Collectibles has also preserved its reputation of representing diversity in its products.  Fan-favorite female characters like Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman were lined up next to break-out stars like Black Lightning to prove that DC isn’t all about Batman and Superman.

Batgirl of Burnside, another upcoming Batgirl statue pictured above, is posed mid-somersault and wields her smartphone for all her crime-fighting (and selfie) needs.  Fans of Babs Tarr’s run on her comics will love this piece, as it features her costume as redesigned in Volume 4, Issue #35.

Cress Williams is said to have excitedly approved this sculpt of his likeness as the titular character in the CW’s hit show Black Lightning.

Building on last year’s Gotham City Garage Wonder Woman statue, DC Collectibles will produce Batgirl, appropriately re-styled to fit the look of that line.  Like DC Bombshells, these statues became so popular that they inspired a comic book spinoff that first hit stores in October of 2017.

For fans that enjoy slightly more old-school looks, DC Collectibles will be releasing the Teen Titans sculpted after George Pérez’s 1980 art from The New Teen Titans.  Each statue will be sold separately, allowing buyers to purchase either only their favorite character(s) or all seven to recreate the cover of Issue #1.

Harley Quinn has been experiencing a bit of a, well, rebirth these past couple of years, and on-hand were several variations of the character in statue form:

Well-known Harley Quinn looks stood with new artist designs for the character like these from Hainanu “Nooligan” Saulque:

These solid PVC figures stand seven inches tall, and come in either black-and-white or full-color variants.

Continuing with the stylized motif, DC Collectibles has also crafted a wave of vinyl statuettes that combine trace elements of the Funko Pop! look with DC’s own creativity:

Gerard Way took a successful stab at statue design with these PVCs of his take on Batman and The Joker.  The Batman statue features a secret map of Gotham City printed on the inside of his cape (which also just seems like a good idea for Batman in general).

The below DC Artist Alley PVCs will come out in November of 2018, so holiday colors dress Sho Murase’s Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn:

A cornerstone of DC Collectibles’ 2018 line was this Joker bust sculpted by award-winning make-up artist Rick Baker.  Baker has worked on such iconic films as Men in BlackHellboy, and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

In Baker’s words, “The Joker is one of the most notorious super-villains of all time, and I had a blast depicting his twisted and demented personality through this bust.”  The bust will be out in October of 2018 at a cost of $1,000.  If the price point doesn’t exactly make your bank account smile, DC Collectibles has also made a fantastic replica of Two-Face’s coin which you can bring home for 30 dollars.

Still in the works at DC Collectibles is this Superman statue, below.  Because of the decision to bring back the Man of Steel’s outer layer of trunks, sculptors had to make some last-minute edits to this upcoming product.  The benefit of this, though, is that the final version will represent Superman’s most up-to-date look.

In addition to statues, DC Collectibles has some new action figures in the works for 2018.  Products range from new Watchmen comic book figures to 2-packs of quintessential heroes and villains.

These Watchmen figures represent the “Doomsday Clock” story arc, and are DC Collectibles’ first venture into Watchmen comic book likenesses.

Last Year, DC Collectibles lured fans of Batman: The Animated Series by showing off their deluxe Batman and Joker figures made from their on-screen likenesses.  This year, they’ve topped that with their Animated Series Harley Quinn:

Perhaps one of the greatest accessories of all time, this Harley Quinn comes with the human-sized fish head she unwillingly wore in the episode “Laughing Fish.”

Also expected are DC Collectibles’ heroes and villains two-packs.  The below Flash/Reverse Flash set offers a sense of what these action figures will look like.  A Superman/Brainiac pack will also hit store shelves.

Of course no trip through DC Collectibles’ catalogue is complete without DC Bombshells.  This runaway hit line has created vintage pin-up likenesses of famed DC female characters.  This year’s entry is this Joker/Harley Quinn action figure 2-pack that inverts Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous (and infamous) “V-J Day in Times Square” photograph:

Meanwhile, Bombshells’ statue line will roll out a new character, the Joker’s Daughter:

If their Toy Fair booth is any guide, 2018 will be a wallet-drainer for many DC Collectibles fans.  The company continues to build on their hits and venture into new territory, producing a refreshing mix of old-favorite lines and edgy new pieces.  Comic shops hoping to stock a wide selection of DC characters will not be disappointed!

Jonathan Alexandratos is a New York City-based playwright and essayist who writes mostly about action figures and grief.  Jonathan comes as a 1-pack on Twitter @jalexan.

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Jonathan Alexandratos

Jonathan Alexandratos is a New York City-based playwright and essayist. His most recent play, We See What Happen, was created with Nashville Repertory Theatre, and is the immigration story of Jonathan's grandmother, as told by superhero action figures. Jonathan's book of academic essays on action figures, Articulating the Action Figure: Essays on the Toys and Their Messages, is due out in May from McFarland.

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