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The return of the yellow Vespa in FLCL

Adult Swim, Toonami, and Studio I.G. have released the latest trailer for the continuation of the FLCL franchise. FLCL was an OVA released in 2000 following a young boy Naoto Nandoba. He lives a normal life until a strange woman on a yellow Vespa hits him over the head with a bass guitar causing giant robots to erupt from his forehead. It’s that kind of series. The strange coming of age story managed to become a cult classic as well as influencing future titles such as Gurren Lagann. In 2015, Anime News Network announced that a new season may be in the works.

In the new seasons, Hidomi, a new character, believes her life is boring and nothing exciting ever happens. That is, until Haruko arrives at her school as a new teacher. Soon enough, Medical Mechanica attacks her town. There is no word of Canti, Naoto, or the old Rickenbacker 4001.

The series will have many original creators return. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto reprises his role as character designer. Kari Wahlgren and Mayumi Shintani will also reprise their roles as the heroine Haruko Haruhara. Most of all, The Pillows will be returning to create the soundtrack for both seasons.

FLCL: Progressive comes out June 2nd, 2018 while FLCL: Alternative will follow in September 2018.

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