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Mark Hamill now lives on in the stars in more ways than one.

Today, Mark Hamill, most notably known for playing Luke Skywalker, is receiving a star on the Walk of Fame. This star will represent his impact on entertainment and media.

To give a better rundown of his contributions over the years, we have listed them out. Mark Hamill has also played several other major roles over the years including Joker in Batman: The Animated Series and Trickster in The Flash. In the gaming community, he is most known for playing Master Eraqus in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. A lesser-known fact is that Hamill is also a writer, co-writing Dark Horse comic The Black Pearl. Mark Hamill has been an active writer, actor, voice actor, director, and political activist for nearly fifty years.

Many are also using this day, March 8th, to celebrate #JediDay as a way of supporting and congratulating the Star Wars legend. Congratulations, Mr. Hamill, or as I like to call him, Master Eraqus.

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