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Love and light shine bright at the press conference for A Wrinkle in Time

Love and light shine bright at the press conference for A Wrinkle in Time

Love and light shine bright at the press conference for A Wrinkle In Time!

A Wrinkle In Time opens in theaters this weekend, and Legion of Leia got a chance to attend the press conference. Director Ava DuVernay was joined by the amazing cast, including Oprah, Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Storm Reid, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Zach Galifianakis, Levi Miller, Deric McCabe and Rowan Blanchard, as well as writer Jennifer Lee. A Wrinkle In Time is a movie that is very much-needed right now. Here are a few reasons why.

This is a movie for young people, and for the young at heart who desire to find that light within themselves

DuVernay put it perfectly: “… for me, I have to ask myself, do I still have a heart, first of all? And is there an inner child still in me? Did I tap into the 11-year-old, the 12-year-old, the 13-year-old in me, and find that light that I used to have, that dreamer? And so I got to do that for two years. I got to really get in touch with all that I thought I would be when I was young and really tap into that and try to create some magic with this great group of people.

Love and light shine bright at the press conference for A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle In Time is inclusive–it’s not just a movie for girls

Galifianakis, who plays The Happy Medium, and gives a touching performance had this to say: “Yeah. I think it’s good because it’s nice for young boys, young men even, to see that it is okay to have a sensitive side of you. I think when young boys in this climate, they are seen as sensitive. And they’re made fun of, but that doesn’t mean they’re not, it means they’re stronger to me. And I wish we would just kind of change that. You know, I come from a very masculine upbringing and a lot of people do it. I love the way I was raised, but looking back, we need balance. It’s time for balance. I think that’s what the happy medium is.”

Love and light shine bright at the press conference for A Wrinkle in Time

Representation matters!

From a beautifully mixed family, to three empowered woman of all different ethnicities, this movie will be a classic fantasy for kids that they will be able to see themselves in. Kaling (Mrs. Who) shared her experience as a kid who loved sci-fi/fantasy, and why being a part of this movie is so exciting: “So, I loved science fiction and fantasy growing up but it was a genre that largely did not love me back. I never saw any representation of like a dark-skinned Indian woman, Indian girl, anybody, in anything that I saw. And it’s a really peculiar thing when you grow up loving something that shows you no love back. It’s such a pure love, because you’re not getting anything from it. And to be part of this movie and to be, I broke out in TV which is so welcoming to me, and comedy which is so welcoming to me, but to be part of this, and to be on a green screen stage in harnesses because you’re doing a science fiction fantasy movie, it’s so fun because I finally feel welcomed with open arms to something that has ignored me completely. And so, that is so profound and I think if that can be something that the miniature version of me could watch and be excited by, I think that’s such a huge thing. So that was exciting”

Love and light shine bright at the press conference for A Wrinkle in Time

Life isn’t black and white, or two-dimensional

The bully Veronica (Blanchard) isn’t just a bully. Mr. Murray (Pine) is struggling with ambition, ego and the love for his family. The seemingly perfect young man (Miller), is struggling with his own tumultuous home life. Then there’s Meg Murray (Reid), our 14-year-old heroine, who’s flawed, complex and broken. She experiences a journey that ultimately transforms her into a warrior. The stories in A Wrinkle In Time are incredibly relatable and hopefully inspirational. Winfrey (Mrs. Which) was asked “… do you think it’s possible to be hopeful in times like this one?” She responded, “I think the darkness is there to help bring out the light in all of us. And if you think about it, if we turned all the lights off in this room, and you just held one person just held a candle, you would start to dissipate the darkness. You would banish the darkness. And look at how much darkness it would take to actually engulf all the light that every candle would hold in this room. So just, it just takes a little bit of light. Just a little bit of light. That’s what we’re hoping for. A little bit of light. And if everybody can get that message, that’s how we have hope in the world. We’re looking for warriors who can bring hope back…”

A Wrinkle In Time opens in theaters on March 9. Are you looking forward to seeing this in theaters? Are a fan of the books? We want to hear from you! Leave us your parting thoughts in the comments below or tweet us @LegionofLeia!

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