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Marvel's Jessica Jones is coming back to kick your ass for a third season

Marvel's Jessica Jones is coming back to kick your ass for a third season

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is coming back, and we’re breaking down the theme of season 2

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is coming back for season 3, according to Deadline. The Netflix series stars Krysten Ritter as the titular Marvel hero who is a hard drinking, surly and difficult person. She’s also trying to do her best in the world. The series returned to the streaming service just over a month ago with season 2. Fans seem to have been divided about this season, with the negativity going towards Janet McTeer’s Alisa and Rachael Taylor’s Trish. I’m about to discuss that, so if you haven’t seen the season now, just know that there is about to be 13 more hours for you to binge watch.

I’ve written pretty extensively about Marvel over the last decade, including their films, TV shows and comics. One of the things I have always loved about Marvel is its flawed heroes. Jessica Jones is certainly one of those, but honestly, so is Trish. I’m waiting impatiently (though I very much appreciate the care taken here) for her to become Hellcat, and her difficulties with drugs, relationships and a need to protect Jessica all seemed to work perfectly for me. The argument seems to be that Trish is the villain of the season, and it’s hard to argue that Jessica shouldn’t be angry about her killing Alisa. Killing wasn’t the right decision, especially after watching Jessica struggle with the aftermath of actually killing someone herself, despite how much he deserved it, and Trish clearly made the wrong decision. The thing that I like here is Taylor’s portrayal (and the writing) of someone with PTSD from her twisted childhood. Trish is having a delayed reaction to trauma here. She’s spent her adult life trying to stay in control after the excesses of her youth (something we see in the season), and now she’s finally breaking. It’s a near perfect representation of someone who has just had to take too much and is trying to gain control over her life. Isn’t Jessica doing the very same thing with alcohol? Neither one is healthy, but then, I’m not watching Jessica Jones to see nice people dealing with things in the proper manner.

Alisa is a mess. Yes, we feel sorry for her, but you can understand her inability to control her rage as well. In a way, the entire season is about the way women have often been asked to bury what they’ve been through, and the shock everyone seems to have when they actually let it out. We see it with Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) as well, after her diagnosis, though, in a way, her response is less damaging than those of Jessica, Alisa and Trish. It’s fascinating to see the different responses from four very different women. One drinks and pushes the people who love her away. One can’t control an organic rage and tries to justify it, one finally breaks after working to manage her career and everyone else and one hears bad news, and despite some bad reactions, ends up bending in a way she wasn’t able to before. I wonder if the difficult reaction some viewers have been having with Trish and some of the reactions from the rest of the cast is the same that they’d have to watching a friend falling down into a hole after going through trauma. It’s hard to watch someone become self-destructive (which is something Trish thinks Jessica is doing as well). I still want to see her come out on the other side though.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is executive produced by showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, Ruelle Tucker, Jim Chory and Jeph Loeb. What did you guys think of season 2 of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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