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Kelly Marie Tran in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The toxicity of the Star Wars fandom is out of control

Star Wars: The Last Jedi star Kelly Marie Tran has been reported to have deleted all of her Instagram posts pertaining to the film after months of harassment by rabid, entitled fans for her role in the franchise.

It was revealed in the tweet by Star Wars Facts that the actress. At first, one would question the legitimacy of the account given its name. However, seeing the news make rounds on all of the entertainment media outlets and seeing the nastiness that erupted in the comments, it wasn’t hard to realize that the tweet did reveal the truth. Check out the tweet below.

This news does not come as a surprise. However, that doesn’t stop the quickly growing rage churning deep inside of me. Why? Because we can do better. The Star Wars fandom can do better.

Kelly Marie Tran was harassed for a variety of reasons. She was harassed because many people didn’t like her character Rose. She was harassed for her ethnicity. She was harassed for being a woman. Here was a woman who was so insanely excited to be apart of this universe and she was harassed for it. Now I know some of you will try to argue with me that this is all a part of the job. By taking this role, Kelly should have expected this and just take it.

Actually, it’s not.

Harassment is not a job expectation. It is something we allow to happen because of misguided notions about what actors should deal with and as a result of how customers approach the consumption of products. In a sense, we’ve adopted the ‘customer is always right’ motto and poured water on it like a Gremlin before letting it loose on the Internet. This is unacceptable and has been a problem for as long as I can remember. And it is only getting worse.

Ask any minority outside of the heterosexual, white male stereotype if they’ve faced harassment over their opinions or love of Star Wars on the internet. Our founder Jenna Busch and I can both attest to the harassment we face anytime we post any opinion pieces connected to Star Wars. We’ve been called names not fit to be printed here, oftentimes connected with our presumed intelligence levels. And, since the recent round of Star Wars films, the harassment has gotten 10 times worse. I can only deduce that this is connected with the increased amount of diversity within the films as well as a growing increase in entitlement within the Star Wars fandom.

With change comes conflict. This is something that cannot be denied and, when it comes to a property I love, I completely understand the fear when things are being changed around. However, harassing actors for doing their job is uncalled for. Literally chasing actors away from a franchise because your needs weren’t met is complete and utter bullshit. For the fanboys who are currently celebrating this “victory”, you will need to understand this:

You can’t keep biting the hand that feeds you.

I don’t think I have ever seen a fandom in recents years that has been so encompassed in eating itself. Do you think actors will want to interact with fans after this? After seeing one of their own chased away by a bombardment of harassment because people weren’t happy with her inclusion in the franchise? I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t even bother. Not when I see fans acting like entitled, spoiled babies. This is not our property. Yes, we impact sales. But, ultimately, we have no ownership over any of this. You may agree to disagree with me on this, but we all know I am right.

Let the lesson of this be to reflect on our behavior. This fandom, the Star Wars fandom, needs to do better to combat and police the toxicity within the community. In the long term, I think it will be essential to the health of the franchise.

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Sarah Musnicky

Sarah is a freelance writer and self-described workaholic. She loves fantasy and sci fi and will admit having dual loyalties between Star Trek and Star Wars as well as Marvel and DC. When she's not being socially awkward, she is in a corner obsessing over dragons, cute things, and a need to master all languages on the planet. She would like to be a professional blanket burrito when she reaches the peak of maturation.

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  • As an Air Force officer and son of a thirty year Chief Master Sargent the enlisted men and women of any service are a vital part of our operations. to denigrate them in any way is reprehensible. To denigrate anyone because they are a women or because of their race or ethnicity sexuality and such is inhuman. If any one does this they need to be called out on it immediately. It is a shame that people can be so small minded. Mz Tran is the very thing that makes America such a great country her parents left a country with tyranny and and dictatorship. They came here with nothing built a home a family worked hard and at the same time help build America stronger. I challenge anyone who wish to harass her to a dual (it is still legal in Georgia) I throw down the gauntlet. Pick one of the following weapons Swords Pistols fists or Light Sabers if one of you has the courage to face me. Or do you hide behind the internets like cowards. We can settle this legally and like gentlemen.

  • I blame Walt Disney mainly, after many books, and other stories setting up the star wars main cannon, Disney buys the franchise and suddenly everything that happened after the film’s is crap, because Disney says so.
    A lot of the fans are still reeling at this, and I’m sure their are some that are ass-hats.

    • Except all of the EU stuff was never canon, this was even addressed by Lucas himself stating that the only stories he considered canon were the ones he told, everything else he considered fancanon, although at times he’d work in events and characters from various EU stories if possible, but that never meant they’d be the same character from their source material, one example of this is the nightsisters and dothmari zabrak. What Disney did is trim the fat and clear up any confusion as to what is and isn’t canonical, so if Disney didn’t license it, it’s now legends, not necessarily canon or non-canon but more or less a story you’d hear a drunk guy telling you in a cantina.

    • That’s baloney. “A lot of the fans” — I’m a life long fan. I have some problems with the recent movies and I had some problems with the prequels. But they are still Star Wars movies.

      More importantly, they are still enjoying and exciting cinematic adventures. I loved TFA, I adored Rogue One, I liked and highly enjoyed TLJ — my problems with that movie are nitpicks and quite technical really. A lot of my friends loved it too.

      So to say a lot of the fans are still reeling and everything after Disney bought the license is crap, is quite frankly crap.

      I realise some fans are displeased. I realise some have grown out of the fandom. It is okey to grow up and move on. My inner 9-year old is still ecstatic though.

      And everyone who hacks on the female cast members are not real fans. Nerfherders the lot of them.

  • You need to change the title, its star wars fans, not star wars fandom… Generalising will only make it harder for you to change anything.

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