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In today's really dumb moves moment, a San Diego bar posts a post-Comic-Con event called 'Geeks Be Gone'

In today's really dumb moves moment, a San Diego bar posts a post-Comic-Con event called 'Geeks Be Gone'

In today’s really dumb moves moment, a San Diego bar posts a post-Comic-Con event called ‘Geeks Be Gone’

Wow. Today is very dumb moves (reported by Bleeding Cool), the bar The Smoking Gun decided to post a post-San Diego Comic-Con event called “Geeks Be Gone.” The event is (or was) set to take place the day after Comic-Con is over and was there to apparently reclaim the Gaslamp Quarter. They have since deleted the post after a terrible reaction, but wow. You can see the post below.

In today's really dumb moves moment, a San Diego bar posts a post-Comic-Con event called 'Geeks Be Gone'

Pretty stupid, no? Jumping on Facebook for a few minutes, I’ve seen a ton of my geek friends posting about this already. No one is going to patronize this place once they hear about it. The city of San Diego makes a ton of money from Comic-Con attendees, and this is a bit of biting the hand that feeds you. It’s also a pretty crappy slap in the face to the people who would have patronized the business.

Dr. Janina Scarlet, clinical psychologist and author of “Superhero Therapy” explains, “Every year hundreds of thousands of people come to San Diego for the San Diego Comic Con. It is an event of celebrating diversity and people’s passions. It is an event which promotes safe ways of self-expression, which is meant to be free of hate and bullying. For many, it is the one place in which they feel accepted and understood.

To ostracize, make fun of or exclude anyone based on their interests is the definition of bullying. Comic Con culture is meant to be the relief from bullying. To have a local restaurant post such a hateful message is an example of bullying, the very kind of bullying we are fighting against. It’s a painful reminder for many attendees, many of whom have already been bullied for their preferences or passions. The actions of The Smoking Gun SD restaurant are a disgrace to everything we stand for here at Comic Con and their message is a hurtful reminder that sadly there are still many bullies in this world. This message is damaging and isn’t what San Diego stands for.”

In case you’re wondering about some of the complaints on the establishment’s Facebook page, here are two:

Tom Hodges wrote, “You can’t even be bothered to apologize for your STUPID idea. You just removed it like it never happened. We come to the city for five days and you thought it was clever to play exclusionist AFTER you got our business. You could have called it “We Survived Comic Con”, but no, you decided to insult us. I hope the other 51 week’s of the year work out for you… but remember, LOTS OF LOCALS go to the Con. They enjoy our money coming into your economy… folks don’t forget things like this.”

Danny Limor wrote, “Man, did you guys shit the bed with the whole “Geeks Be Gone” thing. Hope your business survives this. It would be a shame if you lost your livelihood over a boneheaded gaffe. People have been ruined by less. Good luck.”

Sure, SDCC might be a rough few days for locals. A business certainly has the right to choose to do this, but it’s just plain idiotic. If I work at a clothing store that sells jeans, I’m not going to post something on their Facebook page the day before a new line of jeans comes out and tell people how stupid jeans are.

So, anyone feel like grabbing drinks LITERALLY ANYWHERE ELSE?

UPDATE: Here is the Reddit apology from the General Manager of the place. He doesn’t post his name but is listed as Juanpablo_the_cat.

“I’m the GM there. It was a huge verbiage mistake on our behalf. Being a San Diegian veteran, I love comic Con and all the attendees. We were simply throwing a post Comic-Con party for all those who work downtown tirelessly by offering a half off the bar night for them. I apologize to anyone who is offended, our whole bar concept is a nostalgic them with peechy folders even being used as our cocktail menu. Our apologies San Diego, we never meant to cause harm or offend anyone.”

Perhaps he doesn’t know what that emoji on the post means?



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