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SDCC: Batwoman enters the Arrowverse

The CW has held its own in development of its own interconnected television universe. While perhaps not as lofty or thematically aspiring as Marvel’s own output, the Arrowverse shows are nonetheless entertaining, solidly crafted bits of television. The roster of heroes and villains has expanded quite a bit since its inception, but now the CW is gearing up for an interesting crossover event.

While we don’t quite get a look, we do know that this year’s big Arrowverse crossover will involve the Batwoman. This follows confirmation from several months back and will be the character’s live-action debut.

Not much is known about this incarnation of the character beyond that she will be the Kate Kane Batwoman (most of the teaser images seem to be from the more recent comic runs with Kane as the lead). Not to mention, the first to headline their own show, as the CW is currently at work developing a new Batwoman show to springboard off from the crossover.


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