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SDCC: Young Justice has returned

Much has been made of  Young Justice‘s cancellation after its second season. Fittingly, there was also much excitement after the announcement that, more than five years later, it would now be returning for 2019. Today DC unveiled a special sneak peak for Comic-Con on the new season dubbed: Outsiders.

While more than 60% of this is a recap of season 2’s Invasion story-line, with particular emphasis on the doomed romance of Artemis and Wally West (Kid Flash), what info we do get for season 3 is definitely intriguing.

With its new story appearing to revolve around the fictional country of Markovia and the disappearance of the Royal Family’s daughter two years prior. The Prince is told he has the dormant “meta-gene” and, not only might his sister also have it, this discovery might be connected to the Princess’s disappearance. Between this political intrigue and the brief mention of child-trafficking, it would appear the series has set its sights even higher with topical, thematic storytelling.

Not only that, we have a great number of familiar faces returning: Artemis, Nightwing, Superboy, Aqualad, Lobo, Wonder Girl, Static Shock, Batman, Deathstroke, Impulse (as the new Kid Flash), Sphere, Cheshire, Lex Luthor, Robin, Queen Bee, Blue Beetle, Doctor Fate, Shazam, Flash, Ra’s al Ghul, and Vandal Savage, we also get a look at some new characters as well. A number of whom I can’t identify with any great confidence, but most are exciting inclusions if they are who I think they are.

Unfortunately, it appears Miss Martian will be missing from the upcoming season. Not only does she not feature in this teaser, little to no mention is made of her in casting lists for the third series.

Have a look for yourself. How many heroes and villains can you spot in that baby?

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