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Alec Baldwin no longer set to portray Thomas Wayne

One minute he’s in, the next he’s out! That was fast – two days ago, it was announced that actor Alec Baldwin was joining the new Joker movie as Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne. This role seemed to be a good fit for Baldwin, who is no stranger to the millionaire mogul part, notably as network president Jack Donaghy on seven seasons of 30 Rock. However, today Baldwin told USA Today that he’d dropped out of the film.

The Joker movie, fronted by Joaquin Phoenix, is set to start filming in September and will be an origin story about how the Joker rose to villain status. Warner Bros. seemingly jumped the gun in announcing Baldwin’s involvement, as he stated today “I’m no longer doing that movie. I’m sure there are 25 guys who can play that part.” Ouch! Bit of a snub to the project, which is going to be directed by Todd Philips, whose prior work includes War Dogs and The Hangover Part II.

Thomas Wayne – physician, philanthropist, and founder of Wayne Enterprises – is a character rarely seen in the Batman world, but as we all know, his death is what inspired Bruce to become a crime fighter and use his wealth for all those bat-gadgets in his pursuit of justice. Due to Baldwin’s continued presence on Saturday Night Live as an effective caricature of Donald Trump, there was some speculation that he was going to portray Thomas Wayne in a similar fashion. That could be an interesting choice given how Bruce idolized his father, but it is off the table now since Baldwin is no longer involved in the project.

Since this project is still going forward, Warner Bros. will have to tap a new actor to play Thomas Wayne. Hopefully they will take the role and make it their own, without worrying about Baldwin dropping out.


Original source: Variety

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