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Mattel Releases New “The X-Files” Barbies for 25th Anniversary

Mattel Releases New X-Files Barbies for 25th Anniversary

The truth is still out there after all these years, and Mattel is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Fox’s The X-Files with new Barbies in the likeness of Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully! Set for a September 1 release, the dolls are now available for pre-order on Mattel’s site and on Amazon.
If you’re a longtime fan, you might remember that Mattel released Mulder and Scully Barbies in 1998 in their “Fight the Future” wardrobe, but a new era deserves an updated edition. The new dolls have great face sculpts that actually look like actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. As someone with a lot of X-Files merchandise, it can be hard to capture these two beautiful yet unique people, especially Duchovny’s features. Instead of the generic Ken-doll aesthetic from 1998, the doll designers nailed Duchovny’s nose, lips, and forehead. They also did justice to Anderson’s chin and nose, as well as Scully’s perfect, flippy hair from later seasons. The dolls’ height difference also seems more true to life, as we all know how petite Scully is in relation to Mulder despite her sharp business heels.
The agents are dressed in more streamlined, modern business clothing and silhouettes, especially for Scully, reflecting how fashionable she became in later seasons of the original run. I particularly like her boots! Both dolls come with an FBI ID badge clipped to their lapel and an ID wallet to flash their authority to us mere mortals. Mattel’s website also says that each doll comes with a stand, so you can place them alongside the rest of your X-Files collection right away.
As a huge X-Files fan, I’m really happy with this merchandise. We get so little X-Files branded goods any more, and the action figures from season 10 frankly looked terrible and not like Duchovny or Anderson at all. I would, however, like to see Scully in something besides a black suit, as nearly every iteration wears the same exact outfit (the Fight the Future long belted jacket and white button-down shirt). Gimme a burgundy suit, a navy suit with a green shirt, or any other power suit option that Gillian and the wardrobe team blessed us with over the years. Not to mention that I’d love to see Scully dressed in scrubs and a lab coat occasionally! Perhaps with a tiny microscope accessory? She is a medical doctor, after all, and the real-life ladies of STEM would enthusiastically fling their money at any toy company that released such a figure or doll. (HINT!) I’m also excited that X-Files fans who grew up with Scully and Mulder and are now parents can now purchase these dolls for their kids – the next generation of spooky!
Anderson and Duchovny have yet to tweet about their new little doppelgangers, but I expect some adorable and amusing posts from them both! Perhaps their dogs – fan favorites Nelson (Gillian’s pupper) and Brick (Duchovny’s Twitter star) – will be sent on a case alongside our intrepid agents. A nice trip to the forest, perhaps?
Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy my first Barbies in about…27 years.
Source: X-Files News

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