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Bloodworth's Daniel Corey Teams Up with the National Academy of Sciences
Bloodworth's Daniel Corey Teams Up with the National Academy of Sciences

Credit: DangerKatt

Bloodworth’s Daniel Corey teams up with the National Academy of Sciences

DangerKatt Creative Studio is happy to announce that Bloodworth writer Daniel Corey has been invited to participate in an exclusive National Academy of Sciences writers workshop at this year’s Austin Film Festival.   The workshop will take place on Thursday, October 25th, the first day of AFF’s Writers Conference.

Daniel Corey first started collaborating with artist Chris Fenoglio (IDW’s Star Wars Adventures, X-Files: Origins, Goosebumps) in 2015 to create the Bloodworth comic title.  While in production on the comic, Corey was hard at work on the screenplay adaptation.  2018 would see the completion of the comic, and just weeks later, Corey would receive a call from Matt Dy, Austin Film Festival’s Director of Script Competitions.

“Matt called to inform me that my Bloodworth screenplay was selected as a Semifinalist in AFF’s Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay Competition,” Corey said.  “Out of all the entries that the festival received, Bloodworth made the final 12, the top 2 percent.”

A few weeks later, Script Competitions Coordinator Gabbi Lindgren contacted Corey to inform him that he was invited to the writers workshop, which is part of the NAS Science and Entertainment Exchange.

Corey added: “I’m very grateful for the opportunity.  I’ve attended AFF twice before and loved the experience, and to be able to go back on the year of their 25th anniversary as a semifinalist and be able meet and collaborate with the National Academy of Sciences is an honor I couldn’t have even imagined.  Huge thanks to the NAS and AFF.  This is a truly humbling experience.”

DangerKatt Creative Studio is a Los Angeles-based media company that specializes in the creation of comic book and film properties.  DangerKatt’s work has been featured in USA Today, The Wrap, G4 TV, MTV.com, and Intellect Books, among other media outlets.  Moriarty is available in three volumes, and Red City has released its first collected edition.  New project Bloodworth is currently a semifinalist in Austin Film Festival’s Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay Competition.

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