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Are we getting a reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean?

Are we getting a reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean?

Are we getting a reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean?

Well, here is something for the annals of things we didn’t need. According to Deadline, Disney is considering a reboot of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The site reports that the studio has met with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who wrote both Deadpool movies and Zombieland. I suppose if this must be done, you got some great writers for it. It’s not the writing that I’d be worried about though. They also say that Ryan Reynolds, star of Deadpool and some of the best stuff on social media is set to star. Again, very good. I enjoy everything he does outside of Green Lantern. However, Michael Bay is set to direct, which means that a lot of the good stuff would likely be lost in the bombastic effects.

Jerry Bruckheimer is set to produce as he did with the early Pirates of the Caribbean films. As you know, Johnny Depp has been playing Jack Sparrow since the beginning, spawning a lot of Halloween costumes and drunk pirates at conventions around the world. The thing is, Depp made the role very much his own. Anything Reynolds does here is going to have to be so far off of Depp’s work that it might as well be a different franchise, or something close which would look like a copy. (Reynolds is very, very unlikely to do that.) Or we’d have to completely redesign the series.

Now, these films have made a ton of money, so it’s hardly a surprise that this is happening. It just seems like a bad choice to put Michael Bay on this. All of this said, I do love Reynolds, Reese and Wernick. Maybe they could overcome all of this. Maybe not. We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening.

What do you guys think of a reboot of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise? Are you on board with the team? Let us know in the comments.

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  • johnny depp was great amzing performance in the most poopular series in pirats of caribeian is my fevourate movie ever. can you send me latest update on my email. thankyou

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