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Dungeons & Dragons Documentary Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons documentary launches Kickstarter campaign

Pat Kilbane, known for his work on Mad TV and The Brain Eater’s Bible, is warming up his 20-sided die to Kickstart a documentary about Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax. The Dreams in Gary’s Basement, which goes live on Kickstarter today, chronicles Gygax’s unlikely ascent from struggling shoe repairman to head of a multi-media empire.

“The only adventure more wild than those playing D&D is the one Gary Gygax had when he invented the game,” Kilbane said. “He was a man with a wife and five children living on food stamps.  But he decided to go all in on this groundbreaking, immersive game and came up a winner. It’s a parable on trusting your inner magic.”

With the Kickstarter campaign, Kilbane is looking to secure finishing funds for the project including a high-end post-production polish for the film and additional archival photos and video from D&D’s heyday.

The film includes interviews with some of the key people who helped D&D come to life and knew Gary Gygax best.  Among them are Dragon Magazine editor Tim Kask, D&D “Red Box” author Frank Mentzer, Playing at the World author Jon Peterson, Gary’s son Luke Gygax, Big Bang Theory writer Rob Cohen and many more. The film’s crew went to where it all began, Gary’s former home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

“It was especially uncanny to be in the basement where this phenomenon began,” Kilbane says, “You could feel the game in the unfinished floor and exposed beams. Gary’s handwriting was still legible on the basement door. It was pretty mystical.”

Those participating in the Kickstarter campaign will receive exciting premiums corresponding to their level of contributions.  These include:

  • DVD/Blu Ray of the film with commentary and behind-the-scenes featurette
  • Collector’s Edition Box Set with hours of extended interviews
  • D&D artifacts used in the film
  • Onscreen credits ranging from “Special Thanks” to “Producer”

For more information, visit the Kickstarter here.

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