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Female Filmmakers Join Forces at LA Comic Con 2018!

Female filmmakers join forces at LA Comic Con 2018 with “Flip the Script: Supernatural”

The Chimaera Project, is a Non-Profit known for promoting gender equality in the media arts through action.

And they are doing just that with two panels this year at LA Comic Con!

Flip the Script: Supernatural is a live reading of the season 5 finale of Supernatural with all gender roles, including references to God and even figures of speech, switched or as they say, flipped!  A commentary and Q&A will follow.

“When LA Comic Con reached out to me about submitting a panel, I knew I wanted whatever I submitted to be in support of female creators.” Says organizer and moderator Heidi Cox. “I was excited to approach America Young (A Chimaera Project board member) about taking her concept to this venue.”

Cox and Young are two of nine panelists in the event which takes place on Saturday, October 27 in Room 304 ABC at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

“There are so many things we are so used to seeing, we don’t even question them.  An imbalance in the very language we speak every day.  Sometimes seeing the status quo flipped right in front of you is the best way to truly grasp the inequality of it.  Flip the Script readings are a fun way to shine a light on the unintentional inequality, to hopefully bring a lasting awareness and change in thought. “ says actor turned director America Young

Activist, visual artist and veteran actress Lili Bernard (Seinfeld/The Cosby Show) has joined the line up of multi-hyphenate creators.  She has bravely held her own media presence this year as a voice for survivors of sexual assault. “I hope this performance brings awareness to the fact that, in terms of gender equity, the entertainment industry is light years behind modern culture,” says Bernard.

As fans of the show, The Chimaera Project hopes to bring to light the many opportunities the entertainment industry has for more gender equality and ethnic diversity. The Chimaera Project by way of America Young held the first Flip the Script reading of the Shawshank Redemption about a year ago.  This is the organization’s second presentation of it’s kind.  And they are excited to bring this to the LACC audience in hopes that it will spark insightful discussion and awareness!

“Every panelist is a powerhouse multi-hyphenate who I am honored to be in the company of.”  Says Heidi Cox (Stalking LeVar) TCP ambassador and the founder/owner of Dweeb Darlings, a production company that seeks to support balance in the industry for female creators.

The Chimaera Project is proud to be represented at LA Comic Con 2018.  Wonder Women Filmmakers: Insight from Women in the World of Filmmaking Panel will also make an appearance on Saturday at 2 pm in room 308.
Founder and Executive Director of The Chimaera Project Julia Cheryl Bookout, “My favorite quote these days is one I hear from producer/filmmaker Susan Cartsonisat the 2018 Women in Entertainment Summit: ‘When women lead, diversity follows.’ Based on my years in the workplace, I have experienced this to be a true statement.”

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