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Syfy Reveals Nightflyers Premiere Date

Syfy reveals Nightflyers premiere date

Yesterday Syfy revealed at their New York Comic Con panel for their upcoming series Nightflyers that the show would be premiering on December 2, 2018. The series will consist of 10 episodes and will launch across all Syfy related channels so that audiences can view the series anywhere they go.

They also released a teaser trailer during their panel, which plays up the suspense that the horror sci-fi thriller touches upon. The series looks like more of an adaptation of the movie that came out in the 80s rather than the actual novella Martin wrote, but that is neither here nor there.

The official synopsis for the series is below:

Experience the terror with an exclusive world premiere screening of the highly-anticipated Syfy series, Nightflyers, based on the novella by George R.R. Martin. Set in the year 2093, the series follows a group of maverick scientists and a powerful telepath as they embark on an expedition aboard The Nightflyer – the most advanced ship ever built. As they race towards first contact, terrifying and violent events begin to occur, causing the once tight-knit crew to mistrust each other. It’s not long before their main mission becomes survival. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, Nightflyers combines horror and science fiction in a way that Martin himself has described as “‘Psycho’ in space.”

The Nightflyers premiere will be available through the Syfy channel, Syfy On Demand, online at Syfy.com, and the Syfy app.

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