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Op-Ed: We Can All Be Heroes - Get Out and Vote!

It’s time to answer the call on our hero’s journey

I have been a fan of Legion of Leia since its inception. I love the idea of celebrating our female heroes. I am a lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy so I also love the idea of celebrating the fact that women do love and contribute to the sci-fi world. I have shelves of books, comics, DVD’s and games devoted to these genres.

For me, sci-fi and fantasy have always been more than escapist fare. It has served as inspiration, and at times as a source of hope and courage as I face obstacles and challenges in real life. I acknowledge the fact that what I like most in the genre is accompanying the heroes on their personal journeys. My favorites are always the ones where the hero is working toward an ideal – that one thing greater than the ordinary and greater than themselves that they strive for. The heroes I admire most are those who strive for courage, compassion, humility, patience, perseverance, and selflessness.

As a woman, living in a less than perfect world, I especially love those journeys for female characters who find their voice, appreciate and learn their worth, and who come to value themselves beyond their relationships with men. I love characters who have agency – who can think for themselves, act independently and make their own choices to rise above the limits and strictures their world imposes on them because of their social class, gender, or sexual orientation.

Op-Ed: We Can All Be Heroes - Get Out and Vote!

Being a political creature and living in our challenging times, I feel like we have all been called on our own hero’s journey. We are all called to strive for our ideals – for what we feel is our greater good – and to act against those forces that objectify, oppress, and silence us. We must stand up for those who are different or less fortunate; we must stand up for ourselves, for our planet, and for the future.

This is the beginning of the journey. This is where we must leave our ordinary, everyday, status quo lives and answer the call. We can no longer be complacent and docile. And we can’t give up. Don’t let our voices remain silent. Don’t let this be the time that we relinquish our power and our agency to those who would act without our best interests at heart.

We don’t have to empty our bank accounts giving to charity (ok, every little bit helps) and we don’t have to fight singlehandedly. After all, there is strength in solidarity. We don’t have to be General Organa and lead an army. We don’t need to be like Supergirl or Wonder Woman, or fight like Black Widow or Okoye, or have the smarts and tech of Shuri of Wakanda.  All we have to do is answer the call – the first call – of every citizen of our country.

On November 6, 2018, all we have to do to be heroes is VOTE!

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