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A new Overwatch character has swept the internet by storm

At BlizzCon earlier today, fans everywhere were introduced to a brand new Overwatch character after releasing a brand new animated short focusing on the much-beloved gunslinger McCree.

In the video below that introduces the new character, we get more of McCree’s backstory as well and learn that sometimes unsettled business leads to some interesting reintroductions. Oh, and some standoffs between presumed old flames. Upon hearing an explosive train robbery, McCree comes to discover his former associate Ashe, the leader of the Deadlock Gang. Although the video doesn’t show her at her most capable, we do learn that she is behind his missing arm and, when on her A-game, is a force to be reckoned with. Learn more by watching the animated short below.

After the animated short concluded, Blizzard revealed that Ashe would be integrated into Overwatch as a playable character. There is no word yet specifically as to when she will be added to the game, but fans everywhere couldn’t help but expressing their excitement over the character’s addition via social media.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Overwatch related news for when to expect Ashe to be actually integrated into the game. Considering how many people are excited about her inclusion, Blizzard will probably have all the motivation they need to get her added to the game as soon as time permits it. Until then, learn more about Ashe’s playing capabilities on their website here. Or check out the video below to see more of her gameplay in action.

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