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Our mission is to raise awareness of the fact that women love sci-fi… and our contributions to it are out of this world.

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  • Jenna, thank you for the wonderful article on trailers, which have been a pain in the ass for years now (remember Independence Day!). God man your not supposed to reveal the key points in the movie with the trailer where’s the surprise and suspense?

  • Hi Jenna,

    My name is Kathleen, and I run a blog called Fangirl Therapy. I’m a licensed therapist, a fangirl for life, and a sci-fi lover. And I love your site! The other day I was re-reading a SW book I haven’t read since I was 12 and crying about it. 🙂

    I’d love to collaborate with you or contribute to your site, if you’d like to talk! You can check out fangirltherapy.com to see my blog, but here are a few things I’ve written:


    I write a lot about how to absorb courage and inspiration from fictional folks. I wrote a book that will be published on the topic by Penguin next year. But I also read a lot of sci-fi/dystopian novels and am happy to review those as well if needed!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  • I am emailing you about how to acquire a supercool, very exciting Legion of Leia t-shirt. Tell me how and take my money!

  • Hi, just wanted to mention that I wrote and recorded a music video called “Mulder’s Missing” originally as a protest to bring back the show but now it’s on Youtube as a tribute to the X-Files. It’s free to watch fans seem to get a kick out of it. It’s the 13 minute rave version so turn it up and dance till ya drop. Best regards Victor

  • Hey Legion OF Leia. My name is David and I work for a new app called http://www.dragonfruitapp.com I would love for the chance to get to chat with you about what we are working in and even maybe get a chance for our founder to be a guest on your podcast. Best,

  • Hello Leia – As a newbie to WD & FTWD (I never saw ANY episode before FTWD Season 2, Ep 1) I have what may be a stupid question but one I’m searching the web for and came across your page after watching Ep. 2 last night: why/how did Willa become a zombie after taking the power pill? Curious..I thought she would just die from the the Jonestown pill. Thank you for any comment you have on this!

  • Hi,

    We just wanted to let you know that domain LEGIONOFLEIA.NET is being released back to the market.

    Since you own LEGIONOFLEIA.ORG, we believe that you might have interest in securing LEGIONOFLEIA.NET as well.

    If you are interested, please go to: http://worldnamedomains.net/domains/legionofleia.net/927215 to get more information and confirm your interest.

    All the additional information is available on our web site, but feel free to reply back to this email and we will be more than happy to help you.

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    Jim Horvath

  • Thank you for your article on the Xmen Apocalypse advertisement on the building off the 405fwy. As soon as I saw it I was appalled at the overpowering and domination of a woman by what looks like an angry man.. Out of all the scenes in this movie why did they choose this one? Apparently men still think it’s OK to choke a woman. Not everyone is an Xmen fan so not everyone understands the context. So blatantly displaying violence against women (especially as a marketing ploy) is not acceptable in any context.

  • Jenna, you and my niece seemed very taken with Rouge One while I was left very unimpressed. i saw the first star wars movie when it was released and was left wondering what others saw to be in awe. Here we go again. The second group of movies were even worse than the first and my son-in-law was very upset by the CGI inserted in the first trio of movies, Rouge One’s use of CGI for Peter Cushing was appalling and thank you for including the androids that annoy (they have, of course, been surpassed by the meeso whatso character in the second series). The huge 10-foot android in Rouge One merely followed the pattern of annoyance. The human characters were as follows: Lead female, half interesting and half annoying; lead male all annoying; blind Jedi-like (he left a massive body count and actually sat one as he took a breather from massively killing – how sensitive); the big man with the big gun, just kill everybody wearing white plastic, black plastic and brown clothes. I could describe others but what’s the use – they were all ill-conceived. They served there purpose, make money because people like you and my niece will watch it multiple times and wait for more to consume with time and money on hand. Please know there will be other movies following this one (outside of the Star Wars main story) and those will crank out additional threesomes, i.e. how androids were manufactured, the birth of the first Jedi, and on and on. Disney will not rest until they squeeze every ounce of blood from this rock. That’s what they are doing to their Marvel property and then they will start doing the same to the Indiana Jones material. For decades Disney owned the world of girls and women and now that they have what boys and men drool over, they ain’t stopping short. I guess I will barricade myself up and endure, bit it ain’t gonna be easy.

  • Hello. Here is some big Star Wars news. In the book the Lucas Effect, it states that it was the art work of Maxfield Parrish that directly inspired the feel and look of Star Wars films. I filmed the awful demise of the Parrish estate art studio, it was an amazing place. Parrish created that huge art studio steeped in art and Star Wars history. Parrish painted the masterpieces there and that entire world Parrish created, provided all the elements for the masterpieces. I have made historic discoveries in the years and have created a real story. I want to set Sue Lewin free. She was the model to Parrish and is in most of the art work. She was the real (force) behind Parrish and she went to her grave wrongly titled. My years of work revolve around Sue and her story, her sacrifices for the paintings – her story! – maxfieldparrishmotif.com – and maxfieldparrishmovie.com will provide u with fascinating info. *Theory one, is that Star Wars truly began in 1904 in that art studio of Maxfield Parrish and I have proof. Thank you, Robin Lee, Maine P.S. Parrish used the likeness of Sue Lewin as Princess Leia, Look up photos of Parrish’s Sue Lewin ! Do it.

    Note her long white gowns, hair-style and posses. Now look up , type in, Maxfield Parrish-Sue Lewin- flowers in her hair… . You should see the photo of Sue looking all Princess Leia, , –Sue Lewin is Princess Leia. I must get my project all over the world, maybe Lucas will see it. I know so much, I have the info and have kept it quiet for 20 years now. I have very powerful info and it is a great story. We must set Sue free. Thank u. ||

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