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Author - Cindy Cardozo

The Flash Recap and Review: Season 5, Episode 2 – ‘Blocked’

Team Flash

Team Flash Encounters this Season’s Big Bad: Chris Klein’s Cicada There are many things that I love about The Flash. This week’s episode, “Blocked,” highlights two of the show’s outstanding qualities. First, there is always an interplay of light and dark in each episode and second, at its heart, the show is ultimately about...

A Look at Horror Films Through the Years

Here's Johnny

  A closer look at old-school horror films that have inspired the films of today There is no doubt that people like horror films. Whether it is to get our hearts pounding or to experience that sense of relief when the bad guy (or thing) meets his or her doom, scary movies have been popular throughout film history. However, I am such a...

Top Ten Tim Burton Films for Halloween

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s twisted tales are the highlight of the Halloween season Movies are a big part of every holiday and Halloween is no exception. So, in the interest of sorting through what movies should be part of your Halloween viewing, we’ve been compiling lists of favorites. In my house, it just wouldn’t be Halloween without the movies of...