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Legion of Leia Podcast: Beauty and the Beast’s Austin Basis and The KINETIX

Beauty and the Beast's Austin Basis visits the Legion of Leia podcast to talk The KINETIX

On this week’s Legion of Leia podcast, myself and co-host Anastasia Washington welcome Austin Basis (Beauty and the Beast, Supernatural, Curb Your Enthusiasm)! Austin is Kickstarting a pretty amazing project right now and I’m so psyched for you guys to check it out! The project is called The KINETIX, a comic book series about an...

Joss Whedon Leaving Batgirl Movie

Is Batgirl in jeopardy? It was announced today that Joss Whedon will be leaving Warner Bros’ Batgirl project. He originally came on board last year to take on directing, producing and writing the script for the film. The film would have been one of many comic book connections Whedon has been affiliated with in his career. In a statement he...