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Legion of Leia Podcast Ep. 58: Carrie Keagan, Author of ‘Everybody Curses I Swear!’

On this week’s Legion of Leia Podcast episode 58, my co-hosts Anastasia Washington, Sabina Ibarra and I welcome the amazing Carrie Keagan, author of the new book Everybody Curses I Swear!: Uncensored Tales from the Hollywood Trenches. Carrie was the first person I got to chat with at a press junket, many years ago when I first started...

Legion of Leia Podcast Ep. 57: The Bye Bye Man Director Stacy Title!

On this week’s Legion of Leia Podcast episode 57, my co-hosts Anastasia Washington, Sabina Ibarra and I welcome The Bye Bye Man director Stacy Title. In the film, a group of students discover something that threatens their minds. The tagline, “Don’t think it, don’t say it,” refers to the fact that The Bye Bye...

Legion of Leia Podcast Ep. 56: The Werewolf Whisperer Authors, Princess Leia, What’s Coming in 2017 and More

We’re back! Not only are we finally home after the holiday break, this is my first podcast back in months. Surgery sucks, you guys. On this week’s Legion of Leia Podcast episode 56, my co-hosts Anastasia Washington, Sabina Ibarra and I welcome The Werewolf Whisperer authors Bonita Gutierrez and Camilla Ochlan. I dare you to listen...

Donald Glover talks Lando Backstage at the Critics’ Choice Awards

  You guys! Before you head out to your Rogue One screening tonight, check out our video, courtesy of host Anastasia Washington, of Donald Glover  chatting about playing Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo film. Could there be better casting? No. No there could not. Check out the video and let us know what you think of the casting!