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Henry Cavill Teased A Black Superman Costume For ‘Justice League’ On Instagram

Earlier today, Henry Cavill, the Man of Steel himself, teased a black costume for Superman in the upcoming Justice League. This would fit in with the comics, in which he had to wear a black suit in order to help him recharge his powers due to the significant loss solar charge in his fight with Doomsday. Now, granted, this could just be a black and...

Tom Felton Confirmed to Join Cast of The Flash

Tom Felton Deathly Hallows

As first reported by TVLine.com, Tom Felton has been summoned forth to join the cast of The Flash as a series regular in the upcoming Season 3. The Harry Potter alumnus will be taking on the role of Julian Dorn, a CSI at the Central City Police Department who begins to have suspicions about our hero Barry Allen. He begins to believe that there is...