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No, Game of Thrones — Sand Snakes Boob Armor With Nipple Points — Did Batman Teach Us Nothing?

Today we got some pictures of the Sand Snakes (the daughters of Oberyn Martell) from the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. These ladies are some of my most anticipated characters from Season 5, so it is with giant sighs of ‘oh, come on’ that I present to you, boob armor. These come to us from Twitter (via TheMarySue). Let me say for...

Most Craved: Super-Sized Edition on DC Movie Slate and Possible Marvel Civil War

This has been a huge week for superhero fans! Between the news that Robert Downey Jr. has signed on for Captain America 3, leading to Marvel’s Civil War storyline rumors and DC releasing their massive movie slate through 2020, myself, Silas Lesnick from ComingSoon.net and William Bibbiani from CraveOnline had a lot to talk about on this...

Take My Money: Squishy Batmobile Slippers!

Yes, these squishy Batmobile slippers are the bee’s knees! Take my $16 Hot Topic!! After the debacle of all the “girls don’t like superheroes/math/independence” clothing I’ve been posting about, I’m happy to bring you an item of clothing that makes me happy. Now, wait to buy them until I get to the store, okay?