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Take My Money: Squishy Batmobile Slippers!

Yes, these squishy Batmobile slippers are the bee’s knees! Take my $16 Hot Topic!! After the debacle of all the “girls don’t like superheroes/math/independence” clothing I’ve been posting about, I’m happy to bring you an item of clothing that makes me happy. Now, wait to buy them until I get to the store, okay?

Gotham Premiere Recap: ‘Pilot’

The first of our Gotham recaps by Legion of Leia contributor Christina Janke! Greetings Gothamites! Warning: soft spoilers ahead! It’s still safe to read, though. All the major stuff is left out. Gotham premiered last night with a bang, followed by a blood-curdling scream of anguish by a young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). We actually get to...

New Gotham Teaser Intro’s Barbara Kean

Today we have a new teaser for FOX’s Gotham, which introduces Barbara Kean, played by Erin Richards. Kean is Detective James Gordon’s (Ben McKenzie) fiancée, who the official post calls, smart, sexy, successful.” Well, good thing we know she’s sexy. Thanks FOX. Richards describes her character as a “very sophisticated...