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Ben Affleck Surprises Fans in the Batmobile

DC fans on a Warner Bros. Studio Tour got the surprise of their life recently. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Ben Affleck showed up in the Batmobile from the new film. Inside the Batmobile room (no, really–they have one!) and popped his head out when people said Superman would win over Batman. He also drove the Batmobile around...

Check Out The New Batmobile From Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Check it out! Variant Comics takes us behind the scenes to get up close and personal with  the new 20ft long, 12ft wide Batmobile from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Move aside, that dinky car from Spectre. This big guy has gattling guns, shaved down tractor tires, and a whole host of other cool car things for car nerds to geek out...

Take My Money: Squishy Batmobile Slippers!

Yes, these squishy Batmobile slippers are the bee’s knees! Take my $16 Hot Topic!! After the debacle of all the “girls don’t like superheroes/math/independence” clothing I’ve been posting about, I’m happy to bring you an item of clothing that makes me happy. Now, wait to buy them until I get to the store, okay?