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It is time for the next expansion to a game that has taken so much of my life. Usually these announcements come at Blizzcon. It seems that this year Blizzard has decided to build the buzz early and announce the next World of Warcraft expansion a little early. Legion will be coming, most likely in late 2016 if past expansions are a guideline. Legion feels like Blizzard is giving an updated storyline of the Burning Crusades expansion. I am excited to see this but many players are crying foul. There will be a new Heroic Class, Demon Hunter and the level cap will be raised to 110.

Players will also get a level boost (/facepalm) and other expansion related perks. For the time being it seems the information on Legion is focused on the PVE side of things and Blizzard is emphasizing lore heavily. I wish I had time to tap a vein and plug back into this game but I will have to be content watching from the sidelines.

Based on the two videos we see the world shifting as a new world area is opened up. The first video shows Gul’dan getting his shaman on and freeing Illidan Stormrage. That has me hooked right there. I love Illidan and would love to have another crack at him.

The second video goes into details about the new features and mechanics of the game. You have the Demon Hunter, which will cause as much drama as Death Knights did. (/cry) You have the new level cap of 110 and you have the Broken Isles. Reports from Gamescom have said that Dalaran will be back as the hub city for this expansion and that is awesome because it was my favorite city. I loved having parades after downing the Alliance leaders. We will also see Ashbringer and Doomhammer make a return as artifacts. There are other announcements as well. Check out the new site Blizzard has launched for World of Warcraft: Legion . I like what they are doing with this but I am not sure how it will all fit together as a character levels. I have always had faith in Blizzard and I know that World of Warcraft is over 10 years old so I have no doubts that this will be a great game. In the mean time you can find me playing Heroes of the Storm whenever the kids go to bed early.

For the Horde! Kek


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