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Dead Davina

This week’s The Originals begins with Kol mourning Davina. Marcel walks in and is both saddened and angered by what he sees. Marcel begins to take his frustrations out on Kol, who swears he wasn’t able to control his actions. Marcel then resolves to bring Davina back from the dead.

Kol Mourns Davina

At the compound, Hayley tries to convince Klaus to take care of Camille’s body. Klaus says that there’s no time for that now, because they are at war. He wants to focus on how to take Lucien down for now. Downstairs, Vincent tells Freya that he thinks he can extract the serum from Aurora. He just needs to bring it all to her heart, and then he can bring it out with a syringe. Freya has found a way to revert Lucien back to his regular vampire state. Esther Mikaelson, their mother, had found a way to turn all of the original vampires back to their normal selves. However, only the witch who cast the spell can undo the spell. Since technically the ancestors cast the spell that created Tristan, it is going to be difficult to undo what was done to him.

Vince Has a Plan

Marcel has called Vincent to where Davina lays dead. Vincent says that if they consecrate her, they will be able to resurrect her. Kol protests, since the Ancestors want to destroy Davina. If they consecrate her, she will be left vulnerable to the Ancestors’ attacks. Vincent explains that if they pull her soul into a protective circle, then they can keep the Ancestors away from her while they cast the resurrection spell. In order to pull it all off, though, they will need Freya’s help, since Vincent’s magic is no longer strong enough for this type of undertaking.

Dead Davina

After a brief scene where we see Lucien plot to kill Rebekah (since killing Cami didn’t lure Klaus out of the compound), we see Marcel and Kol ask Elijah for the Mikaelson’s help to bring back Davina. Freya creates the protective circle for Davina. While they are preparing, a spell that Freya had cast as an early warning system tips them off to Lucien’s plans for Rebekah. Klaus realizes that if they don’t move Rebekah now, then Lucien will succeed in his mission to kill his sister. Klaus and Hayley set out on the mission, while the others stay behind to continue the plan for Davina.

Rebeka's Picture is on Fire

When Vincent consecrates Davina’s body, she is taken to the graveyard where the Ancestors are waiting for her. They immediately go to torturing her. One of the witches that Davina had killed in the massacre approaches her with a dark green stone. Something that the witch does with stone begins to cut Davina’s forehead. However, just before it seems that all is lost for Davina, Freya’s spell works, and Davina is brought into the protective circle. Kol asks Davina what she saw before she was pulled into protection. As Davina is describing the events, and the stone, Kol informs her that the stone is called La Gemme Vitale or The Lifeblood Stone. Kol explains that if they had succeeded in using it on Davina, her soul would have been shredded to pieces, a fate worse than death.

Lifeblood Stone

Freya takes Elijah aside and informs him that if she could channel Davina, she can reverse the spell that created Lucien. Davina is currently in the ancestral well, so the power Freya could draw from her would be the same power that created Lucien, thus fulfilling the needs of the reversal spell. However, every spell comes with a price, and the only way that Freya will be able to channel this power, is to break the protective circle that Davina is currently in. This will leave Davina vulnerable to an attack by the Ancestors. At first Elijah doesn’t agree, but in the end he sees there is no other way.

Vincent goes to the cemetery to confront Van, the new regent. Vincent wants to know why the Ancestors are targeting Davina. Vincent doesn’t think the Ancestors have the witches’ best interests at heart anymore. Van disagrees and warns Vincent not to cross him. However, Vincent is able to knock Van out, since he was apparently channeling Kol.

Vincent Confronts Van

Hayley and Klaus are returning with Rebekah, when they are hit by another car. Van had helped Lucien find Rebekah, and he has gone on the attack. Freya and Elijah realize what has happened, and they know their time is out, and Freya is going to have to channel Davina to save Klaus and Hayley. Freya begins the spell, and the circle begins to break. Davina is back with the ancestors, and Freya is drawing their power. Marcel tries to intervene, but Elijah holds him back. After Freya gets the power she needs, she and Elijah leave to go save Klaus and Hayley.

Freya Channeling Davina

Vincent, Kol, and Van all come to the compound to see Marcel waking up from Elijah’s attack. They can see that the circle has been destroyed and that Davina is gone. Marcel explains what happened, and that they need to perform the resurrection spell now, before the Ancestors are able to destroy Davina’s soul.

Davina is Lost Forever

We then are taken back and forth between Klaus fighting Lucien at the car wreck site, and the Ancestors using the Lifeblood Stone on Davina. Klaus fights as hard as he can against Lucien, however, Lucien’s stronger than Klaus. The Ancestors are able to finish the mark on Davina’s soul, and she is lost forever. Marcel, Kol, Vincent, and Van try to resurrect Davina, but they are too late. Marcel and Kol are devastated. The fight between Lucien and Klaus rages on. Hayley slowly wakes up from being impaled and joins the fight. Marcel tells Kol that he should have known better than to trust the Mikaelson’s, since they destroy everything they touch. Lucien has grabbed Hayley’s heart and is threatening to kill her. Lucien wants Klaus to kneel, and to save Hayley, Klaus acquiesces. Just as Lucien feels as if he has won, Freya and Elijah show up to save the day. Freya uses the power she channeled from the ancestors to return Lucien to a regular vampire. After a bit of taunting, Klaus kills him.

Klaus Ends Lucien

Later that evening, Klaus, Hayley, Elijah, and Freya burn Lucien’s body. Klaus also tells Hayley that he is finally ready to take care of Camille and her wishes for how she wanted to be buried. Before they take their leave, Freya informs Klaus of the sacrifice that was made in order to win the day.

When they make it back to the compound, Elijah and Klaus find Marcel trying to drink the pain away. Marcel reminds them of everything that he has done for them in the past. Klaus tries to apologize, but Marcel doesn’t want to hear it. Marcel says that he now realizes that everyone who have stood against the Mikaelsons were right. The Mikaelsons only care about their family, and when Elijah tries to include Marcel in that, Marcel declines. He says that he will never be a part of there family ever again.

Kol approaches Van in the graveyard. Kol tells Van that Davina was the only thing keeping him from being a monster, but now she’s gone. Kol then kills Van.

Van is Dead

Freya tries to apologize to Vincent, but Vincent can’t understand her decision. Freya destroyed someone who was truly good in order to save those who have already lived too long. Vincent tells her that he feels she is just as much of a bloodsucker as the rest of her family, and then leaves.

Hayley goes to Elijah, and tries to repair the damage she has done to their relationship. She still loves Elijah, and has realized that she does want to be with him. Elijah never stopped loving her.

Klaus is sitting with Hope when Freya walks in. Klaus does not feel good about the decisions made today. He doesn’t see a victory that needs to be celebrated. In order to do right by Camille, they had to destroy someone she cared about. Also, the family is now fractured. Klaus is worried about the new monster they may have created in order to destroy the monster that Lucien had become.

Klaus Knows His Family is Fractured

In our last scene, Vincent approaches Marcel. Vincent gives the serum that he extracted from Aurora to Marcel. Vincent knows that Marcel drove the Mikaelsons out of New Orleans once before by summoning Mikael, the one thing they fear the most. Now Marcel can be the one thing they fear most.

Vincent Offers Marcel the Serum

This week’s episode was pretty emotional. I’m glad that the Lucien threat is gone, but I hate at what expense. Honestly, I don’t really care that Davina is gone. I’ve never been a huge fan of that character. However, I don’t like that the family is broken up again. We have two episodes left, so I guess we will just have to wait and see what comes from all this.

The Originals airs on The CW on Friday nights at 9PM ET.

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