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Credit: Sony

Credit: Sony

So, last week we got our first look at Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. The film, which is the sixth and final of the Resident Evil series, takes place immediately after the fifth film. It will follow Alice’s final battle against the evil Umbrella Corporation.

Last week’s teaser, which was released for the US, featured some classic rock in the form of Guns n Roses’ “Paradise City”. If you’re anything like me, you really would have preferred something on a more epic scale for the final film in a franchise that has spanned fifteen years. Well, it seems that the international audience gets just that. The new trailer takes a walk down memory lane, showing scenes from the first five films before showcasing some new footage (that wasn’t featured in the US trailer). Check out the new trailer below:


That makes me even more excited for the film, if that was at all possible. The Japanese trailer has also been released. It’s quite a bit shorter, but it also features the same epic theme:



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