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The premise is simple.

The LAPD, out of desperation, brings a cop back to life to do his duty over and over again in an almost repetitive loop. This cop is Officer Downe. He is completely dedicated to his job, breaking records and holding a reputation for being unstoppable in the face of criminals. This made him the perfect candidate for the LAPD to use their secret hidden science quarters to bring him back to life.

That being said, there is really not much else going for this film aside from cheesy lines, poor acting, and spots of good humor here and there.

At times the humor could get a bit much. All of the villains in this film were strange and overly dramatic. The trio of main villains were people dressed up as anthropomorphic animals that were very much into kink. Surprisingly enough, they are supposed to be the kingpins that rule the city of Los Angeles. The humor in these scenes was very similar to what you would find in the original Power Rangers tv series with the villains and Teen Ape.

The outrageous villains get even more strange. The first clan of criminals Officer Downe faces after his first revival in the film is a group of sexy nuns baring cleavage and guns. Then there is a master assassin who trains ninjas while speaking fluent Mandarin. Kudos to the people who did the subtitles because the Chinese to English translation was very correct. The mark of genius with this character was when they decided to dub his English, which poked fun at the poor English dubbing in Chinese films.

The plot is relatively non-existent. The general pattern of the film is watching Officer Downe, played by a very robotic Kim Coates, bust into some criminal’s lair and killing everything in sight until he gets taken out of the action. There was no real story except to revive the poor man and make him kill more criminals. There was no evolution in his character nor were there any nuances to the story that was being told.  In fact, the only thing that was really used for laughs and made the character Officer Downe less of an overly testosterone filled robot was his ability to make women have multiple orgasms. There is a moment towards the end where he showcases remorse, but then he resumes his duties as a badass, take-no-prisoners zombie cop.

The best parts of the film were the action sequences, which have a bit of the Slipknot music video flair that I expected from director M. Shawn Crahan.  There is an urgency to every action scene, a driving need to punish everything and everyone. One thing of note in these scenes is that there was gore everywhere. No scene was spared of it and, in some cases, it was completely exploitative for shock value purposes.

Despite the action sequences, they cannot save a film that does not appear to be going anywhere.

For fans of gore and straightforward action, Officer Downe is probably the film for you. If you like humor that skips over the line of absurdity, then this film is also for you. If you are expecting something that makes you think, don’t bother watching this film. You’ll spend more time furrowing your brows and imploding than actually enjoying the film.

Officer Downe is out now in theaters and on Video on Demand.


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