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The Incredibles are Back!

Our Spoiler-Free Review of Incredibles 2

The team is back together again and it feels just like old times.

It’s arguably the sequel we’ve all been waiting for from Disney•Pixar and it takes off right where we left off fourteen years ago with the Underminer deciding to unleash his particular brand of shenanigans on Metroville.

Chaos ensues and we are immediately launched back into our love for the titular family. The Parr family is back, but this time there are changes for the fam. After the events of the Underminer, Helen (Helen Hunter), Bob (Craig T. Nelson), and Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) are approached by a mysterious corporation to start showing the citizens of the world that supers aren’t all bad. Helen gets thrust into the spotlight, which leaves a much disappointed Bob at home to take care of the Violet (Sarah Vowell), Dash (Huck Milner), and a very super-powered Jack-Jack. Like all changes, the transition is tough for everyone, but they all manage to adapt until a new villain emerges to challenge them all!

As much as I loved being able to see the family get back together again and learn on both an individual level and a group level, the best part of the film really centered around Jack-Jack and his emerging powers. No one really knows that the baby has any superpowers except for the poor babysitter from the original film. Seeing how each member of the family, including Edna Mode, discovers Jack-Jack’s many superhero abilities was both exhilarating and hilarious. Just when they thought they had it handled, something new would pop up. If anything truly personified the scary excitement of parenting, it would definitely be how Brad Bird orchestrated the Jack-Jack scenes in this film.

What is new this time around?

It was fun seeing all of the new superheroes appear in the film, especially once you realize why we get to see them. Voyd (Sophia Bush) is a huge fan of Elastigirl and, after seeing her hero be more open in public, gathers up the courage to come out and help out the corporation that is trying to bring supers back in a positive light. We are then introduced to several supers. Krushauer and Helectrix (both voiced by Phil LaMarr) have telekinetic abilities and can control and project electrical currents. There is an older super by the name of Reflux, which has you questioning whether or not he is yanking your chain. He is not. He vomits up fire and it is absolutely terrifying.

Despite all of the superhero shenanigans happening on the screen, the film manages to be refreshing in a sea of superhero genre films. Why is this the case? Brad Bird has a way of making us solely focus on the importance of family throughout the course of the film. Almost every decision made by the Parrs ultimately leads back to the family unit. Even when raging hormones, the evils of math, and parenthood distract them, the Incredibles manage to pull everything together for the family. It isn’t a new concept but, when you are constantly overwhelmed now by various superhero films in the theaters, sometimes something as simple as family can make a superhero film feel refreshing.

Overall, Incredibles 2 is an amazing sequel to the original film. It is an exciting enough film to draw new fans into the folds of the Incredi-verse. However, the transition between the first film and this second one is smooth enough that it will make fans of the original giddy with glee! There’s enough for the whole family to enjoy, which was the Incredibles were trying to accomplish all along.

The superhero family gets back to work in the Incredibles 2 on June 15, 2018.


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